Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Benjamin Yates born c. 1735

It is my opinion shaped by a kind of Meta analysis of available documentation that we are dealing with a Great Grandfather ancestor who migrated to Kentucky for some specific reason in circa 1780 from PA, MD or Virginia. There is no documentation of Ben Yates in Kentucky and the only documentation is him at age 90 in 1830 in Crawford County, Indiana. At this point we are leaning towards the idea that key family lineage documents may have not existed or perhaps destroyed with the British destruction of key building during the 1812-1814 eras.

Assuming reproductive practices of the era then we are absent Ben Yates’ siblings and descendants and his son John Yates’ siblings and descendants so we are unable to find perhaps as many as 25-30 Yates members of the general 25 year time period. Much work has been done by researchers to work out several key Yates lines and can be associated with documentation. Rather than seek out good documentation of new linkages the normal internet user frustratingly will make an undocumented leap of imagination to try to connect with existing lines; basically they are digging the same old hole over and over.

We believe that our line might be successfully reconstructed by collecting and sharing as many allied lines that interconnected formally or informally over the years with a member of the Yates family and can help us mine out additional families. Since 2005 I have generally used the phraseology of Yatesville History & Genealogy as well as Connectville History & Genealogy to be indicative that all possible lines, allied or otherwise connected are needed to meet our objectives. We also feel that the journey of documenting lines along the way will improve the quality of information available not only to us now but for the future via family trees on-line and other internet tools.